We live by the Surinamese saying “krien taki na krien libi”, which loosely translates to “clean talk is clean life”.
This saying underpins our philosophy, actions and approach to encompass sustainable, ethical and inclusive principles in everything that we do.
Our logo, the “mattenklopper” aka the Dagi knot, originates from Surinam and West Africa.
Although it has a variety of meanings in different parts in the world, for us the knot stands for connection, and that’s exactly what we are all about.
We believe that personal care is at the foundation of human health, wellbeing and a conscious lifestyle.
We are an Amsterdam-based skincare company that creates vegan, natural and easy-to-use products for everyday self-care. Combining a wealth of knowledge on natural remedies with the science of skin, KRIEN offers a range of nourishing and efficient products developed in our own lab, that simply live up to their promise.

Our products are created with ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive skin yet effective for most skin types. These ingredients have been selected based on their functionality, effectiveness and safety and are used in viable percentages.
It’s good to know that all our products are made from natural and vegan ingredients.
We do not use any harmful synthetics and do not test any product or ingredient on animals. We explore new solutions to skincare with respect for nature. We believe in efficiency as opposed to label claims.

KRIEN believes businesses are ultimately responsible for the ethical production and disposal of the products and packaging they create. With sustainability, top of mind, this consideration extends beyond our formulations to the lifecycle of our packaging.
While our packaging may look Insta-worthy, it’s also surprisingly eco-friendly.
Our tubes are made from bio-plastic, derived from sugar cane waste, the glass serum bottles can be recycled with your other glass products. We only print using 100% recycled paper or FSC-certified methods with no toxic inks, our stickers are vegan and we only produce in quantities we know we’ll use.
Of course, it was always going to look aesthetically pleasing, but we back that style with substance, striving to leave the planet in a better condition than how we found it. So, you can enjoy your routine in good conscious.

Welcome to the KRIEN world!

Rooted in culturally diverse Amsterdam, KRIEN founders  Ray Habiboella and Galton Aalse are both children of Surinamese immigrants. From culture, upbringing and heritage, they became aware of the importance of self-care and hygiene from an early age, generously applying creams, ointments and tropical remedies.
Fast forward from boys to men, they now implement their multifaceted life views and cultural richness into KRIEN: a brand that’s welcoming to all.